Book 2 of the “World|Time Diaspora” trilogy.

The year is 2043, two years after the “8/8 Event,” in which three African slave ship appeared off the coast of New York and New Jersey. These are uncertain times.

Anxiety sets in as Gerry Baines is set to launch his presidential campaign that will push his private life into the public.

The relationship between Maximilian Oroko and Kiki Bishop continues to blossom as the two work to manage their lives amidst inter-dimensional circumstances.

Meanwhile, in the year 2642, Davis Oroko has the perfect plan: using time travel, he will rescue Africans from ill-fated slave ships, relocating them to a settlement in an alternate timeline in order to reset African civilization as if European colonization never happened. However, due to an unfortunate series of circumstances, his plans are in jeopardy, and the space/time continuum itself is on verge of collapse.

And what about this Alistair Green?

In this continuation of the story which began in “The Maximilian Emancipation,” author Charles A. Conyers, Jr. brings back some familiar characters, and introduces a few new players, in an adventure that spans multiple time lines, dimensions, and beyond.

“World|Time” is out now!

Paperback and Kindle version