Civil War, or Bust

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“President” Donald Trump has just declared war…kind of. It’s more along the lines of making an empty threat that enables him to throw his dumbest supporters under a bus. He’s made a declaration to those who like to act out in his name— much like the former NJ police chief that assaulted a Black boy in name of Trump and white people. Trump’s rhetoric feeds into the most base of his base, the bottom feeders, the unhinged and unstable, the delusional, the frightened, the confused, the willfully uneducated, the knowingly ignorant.

So what we have here now is the 45th President’s likely and earned impeachment. Word is that this is one of his greatest fears— the delegitimation of his presidency. As erratic and unstable as he is, and considering that he’s already laying the groundwork for screaming about election fraud in the 2020 election, it’s no surprise that Trump is using “Civil War” as a tool in an attempt to provide him with cover. I’m guessing that he thinks if/when he is impeached, his most ardent supporters will be so enraged that they will take up arms and set off a second civil war. For him.

There are folks out there that fetishize about the coming of a second Civil War. Some call it RAHOWA— RAcial HOly WAr. There may be those who would want to draw a distinction between the two, but there is none. Civil War has one connotation in this country, and ONLY one: race. Forget the dopey argument about “states rights” and whatever else apologists and right-wing fanfic writers say— it’s in our history, and not up for debate. This is what we are dealing with here— a minority of white folks that have delusions of going to war with America to “preserve their heritage.”

He’s made what could be construed as a passive-aggressive “call to arms.” There aren’t many folks that do passive-aggressive like this president does- especially when he knows he’s in trouble. But let’s get serious for a moment. Beyond the hyperbole, beyond the emotionality that goes along with the death throes of white supremacy, who really believes that there will be a civil war over Donald Trump?!

You want to know what a new American Civil War is going to look like? Remember the militants in Oregon that were locked in a standoff with law enforcement after taking over a federal building on a wildlife refuge? The ones that had their riffles pointed at officers— remember them? They were a couple of weeks in before they started begging for snacks:


So are we seriously supposed to believe that upon Donald Trump’s impeachment, or election loss, or indictment, whatever…we are SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE that a relative few dimwits are gonna grab their AR-15s and take to the streets for….what, exactly? What’s the plan? To overthrow the government? To kill people who aren’t for white supremacy? Other than being scared about the imaginary prospect of going into white slavery, what EXACTLY is the plan upon the first shots fired of the Civil War? And let’s take the increase in gun sales and the NRA’s bullshit off the table— those motivations are obvious.

As a writer, I wonder about how a Civil War would play out if the players were competent, and have a bit of “sci fi magic” on their side. It’s insane to see how things that I have been writing about for over a decade are now coming to fruition. I guess if you consider history and the fact that it ALWAYS repeats itself, there’s nothing really all that insane about putting two and two together. So far, I’ve written 2 books that tell the story of America’s lead-up to it’s second Civil War— Civil War 2.0. The events that lead up to and ultimately incite the war are fairly aggressive in this story, but…maybe not. It’s our history, mixed with unhinged anger and fear, politics and guns…that’s a toxic mix to be sure. With every escalation, there’s an explosion until ultimately…it goes nuclear.

I don’t think we live in a science fiction story, although sometimes it seems we are cast members in Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy.” I don’t think this country is going into a Civil War for Donald Trump. Are some people going to try? Of course they are. But they will be arrested or killed by law enforcement. There will be no Nationalist Army, there will be no battle lines, there will be no towns or states to be taken. Seriously, watch Ken Burn’s Civil War series, and explain how that is going to happen today? ANY of it.

The rhetoric is stupid, to be sure. And transparent. Donald J. Trump is a man running out of time. He’s the guy in the zombie movie that realizes he’s out of ammo, throws the gun, then starts digging into his pockets to throw its contents at the hoard closing in on him, as if his car keys, wallet, pack of gum, or pocket link can save him from his impending annihilation.

We are watching a grown man implode. Don’t get yourself swept up in the stupidity. Outside of science fiction novels, Civil War is a joke.

Charles Conyers