MAD no more.


After nearly 70 years in publication, it’s been announced that MAD magazine is no longer publishing new content. Talk about the end of an era, my God! Granted, I haven’t picked up a MAD magazine in 30 years, but back in the day magazines like MAD and Cracked were my JAM! I loved the artwork, a loved the parodies….they were like National Lampoon for kids. Both magazines were a HUGE part of my childhood— my favorite between the two was the ever-popular Spy Vs. Spy by Antonio Prohías.


The movie parodies were among my favorite things— they did Back to the Future, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman— it was everything I loved as a kid! It’s something that my kids don’t really have— unless you include their subscriptions to Youtube channels (“don’t forget to like and subscribe!”).

Even though there will no longer be NEW content from MAD, they will continue to publish older content with new covers and end-of-year specials. That’s better than nothin’, I say! And it’s a great opportunity for OG fans to catch up with what' they’e been doing over the years. All that content, I’m sure they have a treasure trove of overlooked classic material. Maybe there will be another incarnation of the magazine, like MAD TV— which was better that SNL in many ways (like being funny, for example).

So really, this is not the end. It’s an opportunity for a new audience to discover what inspired the generation before them.

The good stuff never goes away.

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