#Magaphobia: A new form of victimization


Boo-hoo. Seriously? #Magaphobia now? There's a name for EVERY so-called victim, isn't there? Especially those with big mouths that turn into snowflakes when no one wants to tolerate their bullshit.

So now in the news, Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu is a University of Michigan student who happens to be a Trump supporter. Her title was recently revoked because she made what was being called “racist, Islamophobic, and insensitive” tweets.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 8.58.18 AM.png

Instead of being the smart, thoughtful role model that her title (and human decency) expects from her, she decided to go another route. Fair enough. I’m sure the blowback came as a surprise to her, which in and of itself is idiotic. She made stupid comments that were meant to be incendiary. Basically, she was being an asshole. There wasn't an ounce of irony or social commentary or, frankly, intelligence represented in what she was tweeting. So, she got fired for it. Straight and simple.

Put it this way-- if I said or emailed that at work, I'd be fired. Period. If, while at work, I said to someone that they should "go back to where they came from," I would be racist and I would be fired. PERIOD.

So now we have the #Magaheads who are OUTRAGED by this.

“It’s because she’s a ‘Conservative!’”

“It’s because she’s openly Republican!”

“The PC Police are at it again!”

…and blah-blah-blah. All this outrage, this anger, this vitriol…it’s so subjective, isn’t it? I’m sure if a Black Miss Michigan talked about white nationalist being the number one terror threat in America there would be calls FAR AND WIDE to revoke that woman of her title. But why? She’s telling it like it is, right? But here come the PC police coming to shut down a Democratic woman for having an opinion!

You can’t have it both ways. That’s why racism has never really been tackled properly in this country— to many people lack the seriousness and the emotional intelligence to have an honest conversation about this. So many reactions like this- the deflective #MAGA rhetoric- comes from a place of defensiveness. These are people who HATE being called racists, but claim that racist rhetoric is anything but. They don’t see it because they don’t see their “animus” as being racism. They just see it as being honest. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Try being “honest” with these folks, and you’d think you were in a blizzard with all the snowflakes falling to the ground.

#MAGAphobia is about as useless a term as “reverse racism.” Like the latter, it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as "#MAGAphobia. That’s a response coming from people who do not know how to explain away their bigotries and malcontented rhetoric. Talk about “minorities,” they represent a group of people that think the root of all of their problems is EVERYONE ELSE. “Grievance politics” is the buzzword thrown around to describe a group of people that lack the maturity and perspective to see the world beyond their narrow, and frankly authoritarian (and anti-American) lens.

These are people that crave authoritarian/dictatorial leadership. Let’s face it— the ONLY way a concept like white supremacy works is by force. You certainly WILL NEVER get any other ethnic group to cosign onto awarding whites with ethnic superiority. For what? Because they say so? How stupid is that? It’s kind of the way Trump operates— he says things, and expects people to believe him without question, no matter the lies, the bullshit, the ignorance, the stupidity. Unfortunately, without force, NO ONE with half a brain believes that. You know who does? Those who are weak-willed, weak-minded, easily lead, easily lied to, and who will offer undying devotion as long as their grievances are acknowledged. “Acknowledged,” because in the real world NOTHING is really going to be done about it. Not in America.

Racism is controversial in this country because it's responsible for EVERYTHING that ills this country-- from health care, to employment, to housing, to finance, to government-- you name it. It is a cancer in this society that does more to put people down while propping them up. Unfortunately, because people don't know how to act, you get this. And it will always be this. I don't feel bad for people who are stupid enough to say, or tweet, idiotic things for public consumption.

Freedom of speech, baby! You want to say dumb shit, say it! But everyone else has freedom of speech as well. So don't whine when you end up getting stuck with the bill.

Charles Conyers