Bond 25 to be played by Lashana Lynch


The name’s Lynch. Lashana Lynch.

Meet the new Bond girl— literally! The new 007 is a Black woman! I have to say that I am not the most ardent Bond fan. I like the title sequences more than the actual movies themselves. I like the idea of the cool secret agent with awesome gadgets, but I’ve never really been a hardcore fan.

That being said, since Skyfall introduced the idea of a retirement home for 007s, this introduced the idea that has always kind of been the case— ANYONE could be 007 (as long as they are British). So this casting is not only brilliant, but it’s right on time!

As of this writing, this news is only a few hours old so I haven’t see any of the predictable backlash that this will bring. If the casting of The Little Mermaid triggered bigots, this news is going to make their heads explode! Not only racists, but misogynists as well.

“This diversity stuff has gone too far!”

“Well, I won’t be seeing THIS Bond!”

“You’ve ruined my childhood!”

You get the idea. Progress, my friends. It will always be met by a minority of angry, bitter nay-sayers that will curse the possibilities of evolution and growth. When a racist patriarchy is falling, the death throes are violent and long.


Charles ConyersComment