Beatles 2019

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I read the news today, oh boy! And there was actually nice stuff in the news for a change.

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RIngo and Paul, the surviving members of The Beatles, performed 2 songs during the encore of Paul’s concert at Dodgers Stadium. How nice is that, right? Hey, it’s the Beatles— any new content featuring the Beatles will immediately pique my interest!

It’s the Fab 2/4ths, with three other dudes (2 guitarists and the other drummer)! Seriously, though— it was nice. They perform the “Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heartsclub Band” reprise (not even the opening with “A Little Help”?! He IS there, after all! Boooo!), and “Helter Skelter.” Wouldn’t have necessarily been my choices, but hey— it’s the Beatles performing live in concert in 2019!

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Not bad for two dudes in their late 70s.

Charles Conyers