Summer Reading List 2019: Books, and Books, and Books, and Books, and Books...


One of the incredible things about my day job is that I will NEVER, EVER run out of things to read! As a writer, I should be reading a lot more than I have been over the last few years. I had always been of the mind that I shouldn’t be reading while I’m writing. I’ve come to accept the fact that keeping myself from reading books while I’m digging into my own work is a bit silly. So, I figured that this summer I will split up my Netflix time with reading books that I’ve had piling up on my desks at work and at home.

Now comes the question of WHAT to read. Typically, I’m all sci-fi all the time, with an occasional political non-fiction. I’m definitely looking to broaden my horizons a bit. This is what I have in mind:

One Good Deed,” by David Baldacci— This will be my first David Baldacci novel, this one is his foray into noir, and introducing a new character named Aloysius Archer. I got to meet and interview David- he’s a very cool, very mellow guy with a great sense of humor. One thing I didn’t know is that he loves to explore different genres, and even expressed an interest in trying science fiction(!). So who best to sell you one trying out a Baldacci novel than the man himself!

“The Chain,” by Adrian McKinty — This book sounds messed up, especially if you’re a parent. Imagine you get a phone call from your child’s abductor. They tell you that you have to kidnap another kid, to save your own. Not only that, but if YOUR victims don’t kidnap ANOTHER child, YOUR child will be killed. If you happen to see the trailer, featuring the images of frightened, crying children…you now know who made it. 😉

The Fifth Season,” by N.K Jemisin — Boy, oh boy, EVERYBODY is reading The Fifth Season lately! N.K. Jemisin won the Hugo Award 3 times, for each book in her “Broken Earth” series. The people I know who have read the book LOVE IT, and I am looking forward to finally getting into it. I also got the opportunity to interview Miss Jemisin, which was an incredible experience! We talked about her books, world building, video games, The Wiz, and The Last Dragon (“feel the beat to the rhythm of the night…!”). Again, who better to sell you on buying a book than the author!

More to Read

“The Myth and the Terror”: a short story

The People Beneath the Clouds

“How it is Nowadays”: a teleplay pilot

The Planet of the Apes…In the Twilight Zone

My Life in Afrofuturism

Charles Conyers