The Planet of the the Twilight Zone

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Like every good science fiction fan, I love The Twilight Zone. There are 156 episodes of Rod Sterling’s “The Twilight Zone,” and I’ve pretty much seen all of them. My dad was a fan of the show, and they used to run it often when I was kid. In the 80s, there was a high-profile feature film (resulting in the death of actor Vic Morrow), and a revamped television series that was just as good as the original. And now Jordan Peele (Get Out) is taking the reigns with his version of the series…I hope he doesn’t screw it up!

Over 10 years ago, I was traipsing along through the internets— as one does— and I made a fun discovery. Someone had taken Rod Sterling’s science fiction classic “The Planet of the Apes” and re-edited it to fit into the format of his Twilight Zone series. The result is surprisingly well-executed, so good that it could absolutely pass for the lost 157th episode of the show.

If you have 25 minutes, click the link and have fun!

Charles Conyers