When White Supremacists Troll


Boy, February 2019 has provided us with what can be called the worst Black History Month EVER! From politicians in blackface to calls to revive the KKK, and now the self-inflicted wound of the Jussie Smollett hoax, it has been an unrelenting onslaught of craziness and stupidity that one couldn’t imagine happening in the 21st century.

Let’s look at this Jussie Smollett thing, for example. As of now, he in now in the custody of the Chicago PD, and faces criminal charges for a staged event in which he claimed that he was jumped by MAGA hat-wearing thugs who assaulted him, poured some kind of liquid on him, and put a noose around him, all while shouting gay and racial slurs at him. Horrible thing…but it never happened. He not only made it up, but he hired two other dimwits— caught on tape buying the supplies— to help him stage the attack. All around, this is one of the dumbest things you could imagine someone doing. This is some Breana Harmon nonsense, but instead of “a Black(s) guy did it!", it was instead “two white Trump supporters did it!”

Trump supporters have always felt that they have been under attack by EVERYONE from Democrats, liberals, and the media. Like the man they idolize, they see themselves as the constant victims of false accusations, witch hunts, and hoaxes. They hate being called stupid, yet make fun of those who read. And they HATE being called racists. HATE IT. They have a point— let’s be honest. Not EVERY Trump supporter is a racist, but racists seem to align themselves with Trump. His name as become the battle cry for many of those who feel that the country is being taken away from them. His hat is used as a symbol to legitimize their grievances with multiculturalism. The promised wall is seen as a symbol of anti-brown resentment under the guise of “border security.” And have you ever engaged with them on social media? I’ll tell you, if you want to see the most basic, uneducated, ill-informed, gullible, naive, and dim-witted examples of the racist Trump supporter, social media is where it’s at!

Case in point, Jussie Smollett. He has now replaced Pepe the Frog as the meme-able avatar for all things promoting the Trump supporter’s narrow, ignorant, racist ideology. He has become the new symbol to express the victimization white supremacists feel. He’s become an excuse for them to extol their bigotry. To be honest, it’s not something that I would necessarily notice or consider, but recently I myself have become a target of white supremacist ire and victimization.

For the last few years, I have been a member of a chat group on Facebook called “Rockland County Politics.” It’s a closed political discussion group, initially created for the residents of Rockland County, NY to talk about local politics. I have been interested in politics since I was kid— since back when I used to watch Meet the Press and This Week with David Brinkley in the kitchen with my mom while she would make breakfast. So I joined the group, interested in engaging with like-minded people, and maybe even getting involved in some healthy debates on the issues. As it turned out, it’s one of the most toxic groups I’ve ever seen.

The group is predominately conservative; at least, that’s how many of the group’s members would describe themselves. In reality, they are all vehement Trump supporters. To be honest, the word “vehement” does not do this group justice. They are nasty, childish, emotionally immature, obnoxious, ignorant, crude, and yes, racist. Again, they would scoff at being called “racist”. These days calling someone a “racist” is considered as harsh as using the “N-word.” Except…it’s not. To those who would disavow the title racist, that’s fine. I will use the term “white supremacists” instead— who are racist, after all, but…nomenclature matters, doesn’t it? 🙄

These are the types of people that when faced with an intellectual challenge, they don’t debate. They insult. You can provide links to justify your points, they cry about “liberal media!” and MSM (mainstream media). Back them into an ideological corner, and they REALLY go insane. They will doctor and post pictures of you on the board. They will even post things about your family, or your job. The may even post things about or to your spouse (more on that in a moment). Why do they do this? Because they don’t have the capacity to engage in an intellectual debate. They don’t have the maturity to deal with disagreements. They don’t read; they don’t have thoughts, they have feelings and beliefs. I say these things not to be mean. I say these things because they are true. I’ve seen it for years on this board.

As I was saying before, Jussie Smollett has become the new mascot to express their ethnic grievances. Over the years of being on this board, I have had disagreements with people. Not everyone, of course. But some of the most active members on the board are not only intellectually vacuous, but they are unstable. I’ve had people threaten to fight me (all of whom were booted from the board). I’ve had people lose their shit whenever I posted a simple rebuke of one of their memes (their primary form of communication— no research required). When they respond, it’s always an insult. Always. Here’s the thing— if you are an inarticulate anti-intellectual type, don’t try to engage in bullshit with a writer. Long story short, I have become what is known on this board by these people as a “word bully.” More on THAT in a moment 😏

So yesterday, while eating my lunch, I was tooling around Facebook when this came across my timeline:

This was posted by a user named Al Wisch. That’s what he calls himself, but it’s speculated that this is not his real name. He’s one of the worst trolls on this board. His posts are pro-Trump to the point of obsession, and his game is attacking ANYONE who doesn’t see the world the way he does. He is also known for posting pictures of the child of a (Black) woman whom he disagreed with. He’s notoriously one of the nastiest, most ignorant people on this board.

This may or may not be him.

This may or may not be him.

If you clicked on his profile, you’d see that there are hardly any pictures listed here. In fact, that goes for many of the most staunch attackers and Trump supporters on this board. Their timelines are PACKED with pro-Trump, anti-Democratic, bigoted memes and articles.

I’m guessing that the number one reason why he chose to target me is because I’m not easy to troll. Whenever met with idiotic comments, I’m typically pretty good at ripping trolls to shreds. In fact, Al was so rattled by our last encounter, he made this confession:

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.29.13 PM.png

”Word bully.” That’s the term used by someone who does not themselves have the best “words,” or at least does not have command over the language of their birth— or any language for that matter. You can only get so far on memes and grade-school insults. Notice that the pig-headedness is still there— trying to comment on the “logic” of a counter-point, which is a common technique among trolls; gaslighting in spite their own ignorance. With this moment of revelation, he showed his greatest weakness: he’s not that bright.

As you can see, he took my Facebook profile pic, and using some sort of image manipulation software— probably GIMP (it’s free)— he replaced my face with that of Jussie Smollett. Again, and I have to stress this, I was not engaging with this guy at all. Hadn’t addressed him on the board in a long time. But out of nowhere, this shows up.

The fellow who added his own caption is named Raj Sama. White supremacist? Likely not. Racist? Likely. He’s another one— hardly any pictures on his profile, and his posts are consistently pro-Trump and pro-ignorance.

All of this centers on the fact that when they kept losing debates to me, and I continued putting them in their places for their attacks and stupidity, they took the next step in order to try to shut me up: they Googled me. Then they started mocking me and anything else they could find about me. It’s a bit adorable, though— the fact that they were SO flabbergasted, so rattled, so completely at a loss that they felt the ONLY thing they could do was research me and focus their attacks on what they could find. In this case, they found my first novel, “The Maximilian Emancipation.” It’s the story of what happens when three African slave ships travel through the space/time continuum and end up in the 21st century, and how time travel is being used to right the wrongs of African slavery. The tagline is: Stop Slavery with Time Travel. That concept to the white supremacist, or white supremacist sympathizer, is racist. That, according to Raj, is “race-baiting.” Not unlike these posts from the group:


So, this is what happened next:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.09.12 AM.png

Scott Robbins. He’s relatively new to the group, and just as ignorant and vitriolic as Al, not to mention inarticulate, argumentative, and immature; again, like the rest of them. He’s very aggressive, and really goes after people— often times women and people of color— in really nasty ways. He’s someone that after I laid into him when insulting me, had nothing more to say. Instead, he sent a message to my wife. I found out about that when she called me on the way to work. Here’s how that went:

Me: Hey, baby— what’s up?

Her: Hi. So, who’s ‘Scott Robbins’?

Me: Who?

Her: Some guy, ‘Scott Robbins,’ sent me a message on Facebook. He said “nice husband you’ve got there…”

Me: I don’t know who— OH! Oh, yeah [laughter] I know who that idiot is. He’s someone on the Rockland County Politics board. He didn’t like what I had to say to him, so I guess he thought that messaging you would do something for him.

Her: Why? It’s so stupid!

Me: Yup!

That’s right— someone who can dish it out but can’t take it resorted to cheap tactics in order to…what, intimidate me? Scare me from having thoughts or opinions? It’s idiotic, and speaks volumes to the types of people that are attracted to Trump. And they wonder why they’ve been labeled as “deplorables.” The irony is that this fellow is an architect for a living, which is unfortunate because none of his arguments are structurally sound, and every one of his “house of lies” falls to the ground upon construction. It’s pathetic.

In the same thread, I received a message from a guy that I don’t see a lot, named Saul Homestead:

Needless to say, I didn’t hear from him again. This is one of the main foibles about the white supremacy myth. These are people that are so accustomed to dictating their beliefs that they presume they can tell others about THEIR OWN history, as if white supremacy has given them all of the answers. The fact of the matter is, the only thing that white supremacy provides is the arrogance and proud ignorance that makes for embarrassing moments like what this malcontent went through.

It’s been theorized by the more sensible and intelligent people on this board that these angry little trolls are actually part of that Russian influence campaign you keep hearing about. It would make sense— the sparse FB profiles, the inability to articulate, the lack of basic knowledge of civics and American history…it wouldn’t surprise me if these were fake profiles at all. It also wouldn’t surprise me if these were actual Trump supporters who, like him, cannot support their ideas, lack the intellect to defend them, and resort to attacks and insults when all else fails. The thing is, though…this never works.

If these tools actually took the time to read ANYTHING, they may actually learn about how their beliefs are in reality antithetical to the way this country works. If they stopped huffing their own flatulence long enough, they may come to terms with the fact that the white supremacy myth is dying. And if they were smart enough, they’d realize that they are on the wrong side of history.

But, like their President, thoughts elude them.

UPDATE: there’s a follow-up to this story. Check out “Thinking Outside the Dox(ing)”.

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