Roseanne Barr's Show Cancelled by ABC, Or...The "Domestic Goddess" is Dead

What an idiot.

What an idiot.

As the old cliché goes...THAT escalated QUICKLY!

Following a string of unrepentantly racist Tweets, Roseanne Barr single-handedly disrupted the lives of her cast and crew, and within hours of hitting "SEND" managed to get her very popular show cancelled by ABC. The only thing that's more shocking that the speed with which this has all played out, it's quite notable that ABC's top brass clearly doesn't care about how much money or vitriol this bold move is going to cause them. It should be said that this is, for many people, the obvious thing to do. But even today, as I discussed this with like-minded people, most were not convinced that she would lose here. We were all surprised.

I have to say that I was a fan. The first time I saw Roseanne was on HBO's Rodney Dangerfield Young Comedian's Special. That was her first televised appearance, and I thought she was hilarious:

Funny stuff! I was also a fan of the original iteration of her ABC series. She was funny, sarcastic, and always entertaining. What the fuck happened?!

I honestly can't say for sure. It seems like these days many of the entertainers we've come to respect over the years are letting us down in RECORD numbers (Morgan Freedman, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, for starters...). In Roseanne's case, some may chalk this up to mental illness (she allegedly suffered from a head injuring as a teenager). Some say that she has FINALLY opened up to her true self in the age of Donald Trump. Whatever it is, it's VERY disappointing.

In the last few years, Roseanne had been making a series of very shitty statements via Twitter (the undoing of many-- I'll get to that in a moment), and many of them have been deleted- and rightly so. She's made several very questionable statements and participated in lots of really stupid shit over the last few years:

What does this even mean?

What does this even mean?

What the fuck?!

What the fuck?!

Most recently, it's comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape:


I mean...why? Okay, that's a rhetorical question-- it's pretty clear why things like this are happening lately. The social media age has given a voice to many people who have previously been unable to express themselves or have felt they were not free to say whatever they felt they needed to say. You hear a lot of outrage about the rise of so-called "political correctness," and how people like Roseanne and Trump are merely "tellin' it like it is." See, that's the problem right there: Nothing they are describing is accurate. It's NOT AT ALL the "way it is." It's the way they WANT IT TO's the way they WISH IT WAS...but it's NOT the way it is. People who whine about PC are upset because they feel they are having their Amendment rights taken away from them. Of course, they feel that way...until OTHER people start expressing THEIR VIEWS about "the way it is." That's when the victim card comes out!

People like Roseanne and Trump are trying to survive in a world that is no longer accommodating to their rhetoric. The ideals of white supremacy are now in their death throes, and these people are desperate to return to a time when they didn't have to think about these things-- when they could just be "white and free." And what happens when you criticize this behavior? The PC police come wailing along, hurling accusations of "reverse racism," and crying about how "white people are under attack." The irony here is so severe that if it was written in a screenplay it would be rejected as being laughably unrealistic. 

And the fallout is just as predictable:


Whatever this woman's problems are, they belong to her. And we're not interested. What white Americans like Roseanne are slow to realize is that in the 21st century, this bullshit is no longer going to be tolerated-- and that's the correct word to use here. I always HATED when people would describe anti-racist rhetoric as "intolerant." What the hell are YOU tolerating? It seems to me that people of color have been the ones for CENTURIES that have been tolerant of the behaviors of white folks like this. We've heard all of the reasons, the excuses, and the half-assed apologies. We also know that the ONLY reason people like these apologize in the first place is that this behavior could possibly jeopardize their wallet. And you know what? It should because we're done with all of this bullshit. This behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Ever hear someone bitch about "affirmative action?" They act as if they have no idea why it exists, and how unfair it is. These are the same people that complain about Hate Crime legislation. These things exist because there are white folks that don't know how to act in polite society. Laws had to be put in place to keep some of these white folks from committing acts of violence and idiocy against others in order to preserve their perceived and false supremacy. We're done with all of that.

If these folks want to continue to sniff the flatulence of their own myths and lies, that's on them. Just be warned...we are now in an age where no one believes in that shit except them. They are learning a hard and fast lesson, and they're scared. They should be.

Bye, Roseanne. The 80s were kind to you. The new century doesn't give a shit.

Charles Conyers