Charles A. Conyers, Jr.: Author, Producer, Director, NINJA WARRIOR


With my day job as a Video Producer/Director, I get to experience a lot of fun and interesting stuff! One of my latest projects is a social-first series I've created for Pure Wow called "Workout In Progress." I got the idea for the series when I heard one of my colleagues, Miss Bayleigh Stubley, talking about her frustration with finding the right kind of workout that would motivate her and keep her interested enough to continue it. She's also a very funny Southern gal with hysterical insights and observations. At the same time, I am also intrigued by the variety of unusual workouts offered throughout New York City. After seeing a sign for something called "Aggressive Meditation," I had an idea. I offered to make a series that would have Bayleigh trying different and unusual workouts throughout the city. The hook: she has NO IDEA what the workouts will be until she gets to the location! "Workout In Progress" was born!

On our latest shoot, I surprised Bayleigh with a workout at a place called Brooklyn Zoo, located in (where else) Brooklyn, NY. It's a place where contender of Ninja Warrior go to train, as well as stunt crews from some of the Marvel televisions shows(!). It was a trip, and Bayleigh did not disappoint (I'm editing the episode, and will post it in an update).

I have been watching Ninja Warrior for YEARS, and when I saw that they had a 14ft Warped Wall, I HAD TO TRY IT!!!!'s the video:

...and I didn't break my ass!

Charles Conyers