Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is doing something nice for the mothers in their lives. I spoke to my mom this morning via Facetime. And for my good lady, the mother of my little baby boy (and step to my little lady), it was a good ol' fashioned Mother's Day breakfast. 

What you see here are two poached eggs resting in two halves of a roasted tomato, with a dusting of a spice mix (no salt- you know, for ya' heath), served with hash browned potatoes and avocado. I had originally tried to poach the eggs using the plastic wrap trick I saw on one of the social media cooking videos...and it didn't work at all. So I just poached them the regular way and BOOM!

The plating leaves a lot to be desired-- you'd think after having made 100s of cooking videos that I would have learned how to plate a dish! But at least she loved it.

Have a great day, Moms! 

Charles Conyers