What the heck is Cinepod Moviecast?


Wowzers, it's been a while!

It's way too late to say "Happy New Year," but since my last post was in December of 2017, I should get that out of the way. One of the things that I decided to do in 2018 is to dive into the world of podcasting. Might as well, right? I've been listening to them for years, and being a media professional it's not a bad idea to get some experience creating these things. That and the fact that I love to run my mouth, it kinda made sense to give it a try. I do this while grappling with the absolute disdain that I have for my own voice; hate-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate! It's a real struggle, but I'm pushing through it.

Being a life-long movie nerd, I decided that a movie podcast would work for me. Not that there aren't thousands of them already- and there are! Still, I wanted to stick to something that I knew pretty well, wouldn't need too much prep in discussing, and it's a subject that could make for interesting editing and "sound design." I put that in quotes because sound/audio is my weakness...in that I'm HORRIBLE at it! So that was the real challenge of this project- to build some audio engineering skills!

I didn't want to do this alone. It was hard for me to think of a way to do this by myself AND make it entertaining! So the obvious choice for me was one of my way back besties José Joel Zulueta. I met José back in film school-- we tell the whole story in our first episode. For decades, Mr. Zulueta was my movie buddy-- that was back when I was going to the movies ALL THE TIME. He was one of the few people I saw movies with regularly. We had a routine-- we'd see the movie, then go to a bar and chew over it, washing it all down with 2-3-4 beers. Now, we are old men with careers and shit-- I have kids and stuff-- we're "adults" now. And a lot of you know what that's like-- that 'dulting life. It sucks 😩 After all, we all have lives, we all have schedules...sometimes it's difficult to make plans happen. 

The good news is that we live in the future, and we have stuff like streaming video and Skype! And every once-in-a-while there's a reason to drag your ass to the theater to see the next big deal. Even though José and I don't get to the movies together like we used to, we still get to the movies. And since we're going to chat about them anyway, I figured...why not record it and make it into a podcast! Rather presumptuous, isn't it? Assuming that people would want to listen to two nerds blather on about plot points, performances and directing chops. To be honest, I have President Donald J. Trump to thank for that. After that man was elected president, it became clear to me that I really should just go ahead and do stuff- regardless of how I feel, fuck it. I've spent far too long censoring myself and not doing things because of fears or anxieties that I presume others will make. President Trump goes to show that shame will hold you back. If you have no shame, you're in the game! So screw it-- annoying voice and all-- I'm now a podcaster!

So here we are-- we have 10 full episodes of Cinepod Moviecast available on iTunes and on this website. The idea of the podcast is simple-- we discuss and review films that are either new to both of us or new to one of us; someone is seeing this movie for the first time. We then have a spoiler-ific chat about what we experienced. It's always fun to talk film, and it's been an interesting process. I'm learning more and more about the show with every episode. So far, I feel that the show is evolving well-- I think we start hitting our stride with Ep. 5, The Naked Kiss episode. At this moment, I am in the middle of editing our latest episode, where we introduce a new structure for the show! That means more editing for me, but it'll be worth it-- it takes a few hours for me to hack one of these up. 

Eventually, I'm going to be introducing guests to chat about different types of movies and film experiences. In the meantime, please enjoy Cinepod Moviecast. And do us a favor, please-- subscribe, star, review the podcast, let us know what you think! You can also leave us some comments here. 

Thanks for listening!

Charles Conyers