So far...

The good news is that people are buying the book!

Now I'm starting to get some feedback, and...I have to say that it's so far, so good!

This is the most nerve-wracking time for me right now. This is what creative people both crave and fear...the reviews! We so want people to like what we do, but we're also so very afraid to know what people think! It's difficult when you like with a project in your head for so long, and then FINALLY release it out into the world...all you can do is wonder and hope until you start to hear back from the people who've decided to take a chance on your work.

I just spoke to someone who's up to Chapter 6 so far and is loving it. I think if you've made it that far, and you like what you've're going to love the rest!

Watch this space....!πŸ‘πŸΎβœŠπŸΎ

Charles Conyers