NaNoWriMo: Lessons Learned

Well, it's been nearly a month since the end of my first entry in the NaNoWriMo competition...and I failed! Well, I "failed" in that I was not able to meet the deadline to complete my novel "Shifters" during the month of November. Unfortunately, I had to deal with my day job situation-- being that I am not at the point (yet) where I can devote a huge chunk of time to writing. Instead, I was able to get a little of 20,000 words written-- not too bad!

So, we'll all have to wait a little while before I can get back to "Shifters." I thought it would be an interesting diversion for the month, but since the beginning of December, I have returned to the sequel to "The Maximilian Emancipation" called "WORLD/TIME," which will be released in 2018.

I may try NaNoWriMo again, likely not next year though; I've learned with this experience that I would rather be in a better place to try stunts like that-- you know, like getting all of my other writing done first! It would have been cool and interesting to pull it off, but I know my limits (sometimes). 

Moving forward, it's "WORLD/TIME" all the time!

Stay tuned!

Charles Conyers