Running my mouth on The Johnathan Soul Podcast

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It's now been less than 4 months since the release of my debut novel, and I have the honor of introducing my first-ever interview for my own self-generated intellectual property! It's been about 4 weeks since Johnathan Soul (not his official name) contacted me about appearing via Skype on his podcast, appropriately named The Johnathan Soul Podcast. Being the nosey nerd that I am, of course I looked into this guy. Not only is he also an author and artist, not only is he Black, but his podcast is an interesting cross-section of contemporary Black science fiction and fantasy writers, artists, and filmmakers. He even had an interview with "Mother of the Matrix" Sophia Stewart-- that alone intrigued me(!).

Before we spoke he informed me that this interview would be no longer than 40 minutes. Little did he know that not only do I love to talk, but I LOVE to talk about my 3 favorite topics: Me, myself, and I! What was offered at less than 40 minutes extended to over 90 minutes- and I'm surprised to say that he didn't cut a moment! Brave man...!

It was a blast to get into the book a little bit-- which is tough to do without spoilers! Johnathan admitted that he had only read a few chapters so far, but he enjoyed what he was reading so far. Hey-- ANYONE that reads ANY of the book is okay with me! And besides, we're all busy people. Some have been able to read it in 2-3 days, others are still working on it. Again, that they're reading it at all is a thrill to me, and is giving me a great push to get me through Book 2.

In the meantime, please enjoy this fun chat. Thanks again to Mr. Johnathan Soul for the pleasure of chatting his ear off. And don't mind my goofy mug on the cover there-- seriously, Johnathan, could you find a dorkier picture? Actually, yes-- ANYONE could.

Charles Conyers