Dune: The Alternative Edit, Redux


How YOU Dune? David Lynch's Dune is considered one of the most divisive science fiction films of all time. Universally panned upon its initial release, it eventually found a devoted audience on home video and became an undeniable cult classic. Mr. Zulueta and I absolutely adore this film.

I remember my father seeing it in the theatre back in the day, and if you were lucky enough to see it opening weekend like he did, the audience was given a pamphlet with a glossary of terms so that people could understand what was being discussed in the film! Over the years, the film has been presented in a variety of ways-- in its original 2 hour 17 minute version, a 3 hour extended cut, and a 4 hour television cut.

Now, over 30 years later, a obsessive fan known only as "SpiceDiver" has created what could be considered the ultimate cut of the film-- taking great liberties in rearranging the structure, adding deleted scenes, music and tweaking visual effects. In this episode of Cinepod Moviecast, we compare and contrast the original version with this new "Alternative Edit, Redux" version. How do the two differ? And which version works better? We sip from the Water of Life, and survive the Gom Jubbar to find out. THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKEN! -- Chuck

Charles Conyers